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Financial Education Services (formerly Fix My Score)


Financial Education Services (formerly Fix My Score)

Financial Education Services (formerly FixMyScore) was founded 2007 by Ruth VanDerostyne, a mother of four. Having spent years in the real estate market, Ruth had always known real estate to be the best investment. The Great Recession forced Ruth out of business and investing in the real estate market, she lost it all. Ruth is no stranger to forclosures, tax liens, judgements, bankruptcy, you name it she's been there! Today, Ruth and her team of financial education experts, are committed to helping people through their financial challeges.

Our Commitment:
Our primary goal is to guide you in repairing the data in your file to improve your credit and increase your credit score. You deserve to have a financial history which accurately reflects your creditworthiness. Credit Reporting Agencies’ rules and regulations were created without regard to borrowing or default statistics, and with even less regard for consumers who may make a mistake in handling their credit.


For example, the arbitrary assignment of 7 years for listing a bankruptcy on your credit report is pulled out of thin air. There is very little data on individual or small business bankruptcy recidivism. Credit Reporting Agencies would leave all historical data on your report, from the day you first acquired credit, if they could. There are Chapter 7 bankruptcy individuals who never had a late payment in their lives, either before or after the bankruptcy, because they juggled their multiple credit accounts to insure they met payments on time. Despite the 7-year rule, many people are able to get back on their feet in as few as 2-3 years. Credit Reporting Agencies rarely showcase information which redounds to the benefit of individuals. Financial Education Services that is where we step in, and showcase the individuals creditworthiness.